Tuesday, May 3, 2011

T-24 Hours

I leave for El Salvador bright and early tomorrow morning and I can barely wait!

After all the months of preparation, fundraising letters, packing lists and shopping trips, I feel about as ready as I'll ever be, so I really just want to get there and get used to it.

Last night I dreamed that I was there, using my Spanish. Oh boy, oh boy.

Tomorrow is a rite of passage: I get a stamp in my passport.*

As a side note, I'll be getting an international phone, but since my minutes will be very limited, email is probably the best way to get in contact with me. {lauracoalwell@gmail.com}

(I'll be getting a Skype account, too, but probably won't be on the computer a whole lot.)

*The passport that I got over 2 years ago for that one time when I was going to go to Scotland, but then didn't go.

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