Thursday, May 5, 2011

The first 24 hours

I can't believe it has only been 24 hours since we landed in El Salvador last night.

A few updates-
-The food here is incredible. The only problem is that they give us SO much of it. I feel bad leaving -anything on my plate, so I'm trying to stuff as much as possible. It's so delicious though. (chile rellenos, the most amazing rice, and all sorts of baked treats)
-The traffic is pretty crazy..but we're learning the bus system and looking both ways.
-I took lots of pictures, but I haven't had a chance to download them from my camera yet. But be excited.
-Today, the driver of the microbus we took to the Habitat site was playing a CD full of classic 80s love songs. It was fantastic.

I'm realizing how much Spanish I can't actually understand. I can understand the other members of my group when they speak Spanish, but when locals talk to me...sometimes I end up just smiling and laughing. But I'm learning.

The house we are renting is really nice. It has a spectacular view and a sunrise that I woke up to at approximately 4am.

We spent most of the day today working with Habitat for Humanity (something I've always wanted to do), and it was so satisfying to do some serious hard labor. The area we went to is called Ahuachapan and it is beautiful (it's in the country and I was reminded a lot of Oregon on the drive out there. It's really green and full of trees).

I'll write more about today when I'm able to add pictures.

I think I must have some natural ability to feel at home most anywhere I go, and for that I am very grateful. I don't quite have my bearings yet, but I will soon, I'm sure.

I'm going to stop by SuperSelectos (the grocery store--yesterday, I bought a mango, banana, water bottle and some pan for 97 cents. yessss.) and then head home to wash off the dirt and grime.

Tomorrow--Eye Camp initiation training, and meetings about teaching English classes. Can't wait.

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