Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Almost halfway done...weird.

(Above) This is a picture from Getsemani, one of the communities we visited last week and talked to about the Adobe Stoves project. Beautiful and green (sooo many places here remind me of Oregon), just like home.

Pictures of us on our way to San Lucas, before we reviewed the square foot gardens the HELP team implemented last year.

(Father's warning! This is us riding in the back of a pickup, on our way to San Lucas...so fun!)
New friends (Left to right): Britta, Kristen, me, Harie (like Harry Potter), Hilary, and Logan (and Ben was taking the picture). Travis (aka Travieso) was riding in the cab of the truck. We all had that model look of windblown hair and dewy (err..humid) skin afterward. But it was a blast.

Here are just a couple pictures from our beach trip (my photography skills aren't adequate to capture how fantastic this day was, but believe me, it was perfect).

Today we are spending most of the day at a restaurant called China Wok, stuffing our faces on yummy french toast and chocolate cake and using their WIFI. Later tonight, Lauren and I are going to teach an English class for Kristen (pictured above) because she's not going to be back from Getsemani in time.

In other news, I come back to Provo (and then Roseburg, and then Provo again) in a little over 3 weeks. I have such mixed feelings about it. In some ways, I'm really excited to see all my friends and family again and to get to do stuff in the adlab, and to have a washing machine again, and all that good stuff.

But then I think about all the people I've met here (both Salvadorans and the other people in our group) and how much I'm going to miss everything about San Salvador: having food be super cheap, the food itself and how yummy everything is, the nightly movie watching parties (huddled around a laptop in the front room), the discotecas, the spanish music I hear on the buses, and just having life be simple and focused.

Gotta make the most of the next 3 weeks!


  1. holy I know logan. say hola to him for me please.

  2. Whenever you get El Salvador sick we will go to the Salvadorian Restaurant on Provo center street okay?